Natalie Purton-Jones

Natalie Purton-Jones

Natalie Purton-Jones
Floating Support Worker

Hi, I’m Nat and I’ve been with Hestia for 14 years. Prior to coming to Hestia, I was working with the NHS on an acute mental health ward. After doing that for a few years I wanted a change and to experience working with those with mental health support needs in the community, so began looking for roles and came across Hestia.

My first role with Hestia was as a floating support worker, I loved the role, I loved that every day was different, and you didn’t always know what you were walking into - I loved being kept on my toes and facing new challenges everyday as I felt it meant I was always learning which I think improves the way you work.

I also got the chance to work with some amazing people in the statutory and voluntary sector, I enjoyed how we all supported and helped each other in our work, and how all the agencies in the borough were great to work alongside.

I’ve always loved working in mental health, its where my passion lies and I get to meet lots of people and hear their stories, I always think we learn something from everyone, and it’s a privilege to be a very small part of their lives during their recovery journey.

I’ve also during my time with Hestia had the opportunity to do new things, for example setting up the Good Energy Club (a project designed to improve wellbeing through increased participation in physical activity).

Setting up a project from scratch was a lot of work, and I was extremely lucky that the two other teams I was managing at the time were superstars, which enabled me to give the time needed to the Good Energy Club.

Whilst our cases have got more complex, with the amazingly dedicated and hard-working client facing staff we have in this organisation, we’re still managing to support many individuals. I’m not saying it’s easy in the slightest, but we have some amazing people in our services, and without them there would be no Hestia.