Rosie Kavanagh

Rosie Kavanagh

Rosie Kavanagh
Senior Social Work Practice Educator

Hello, my name is Rosie, and I am a Senior Social Work Practice Educator working for Hestia.

I have worked for Hestia for 7 ½ years, my first role was co-ordinating a physical activities project for adults with mental health issues. I then went on to work in other Hestia mental health services and really enjoyed working with people in a holistic and person-centred way.

Hestia has supported me to complete my assessed supported year in employment (ASYE) and university modules in practice education and continual professional development, which has helped me to progress in my Social Work career.

Once I qualified as a Social Worker, I always knew that I wanted to work within the voluntary sector and Hestia’s values aligned perfectly with mine. For the past four years I have been a full time Practice educator, within my role, I assess Social Work students and Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW), lead on our internal ASYE programme, and jointly coordinate a Think Ahead unit with a Hestia service co-located within the NHS Trust.

My day to day involves, supervising students/NQSW, carrying out direct observations and meeting with university partners to review students’ progress. I enjoy supporting people to learn, reflect on their practice and I feel passionate about developing skilled Social Workers.

I particularly enjoy seeing the fantastic and creative work students/NQSW do with our service users. I am grateful to work in a fantastic team with supportive management & would highly recommend Hestia as a place of work!